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Pike Cichlid for Sale with Crenicichla species list

  Crenicichla species
Pike cichlids are a group of fish from South America which belong to the genus Crenicichla. There are some 90 recognized species of pikes cichlids recognized and a current Crenicichla species list can be found below. These predator fish are quiet popular with cichlid hobbyists who fancy these interesting and beautiful fish.
Most Crenicichla or Pikes are wild caught fish which are imported and sold by local pet store, online stores and directly from hobbyists. There are some species of pikes which are spawned in the aquarium and sold but more are imported than they are bred. In the wild most pikes are predators and are known as ambush predators in particular. Essential if they can fit prey in their mouth they will inhale them very quickly.
Crenicichla species are available in a broad range of sizes beginning with smaller varieties of pikes which max out at around 4 inches (the dwarf pikes) and there are some that can easily exceed 12 inches. In the wild they are known to eat small fish, insects, worms, larvae and crustaceans. In the aquarium they will accept cichlid pellets, freeze dried or frozen krill or plankton and of course live feeder fish like common goldfish.
(1) 3

(1) 3" Belly Crawler Pike Crenicichla sp. WILD Live Freshwater Tropical Fish

Zebra pike cichlid 12

Zebra pike cichlid 12" in length Rare! tropical fish

8" Red Pike Cichlid Live Freshwater Aquarium Fish
Pike Cichlid

Pike Cichlid

Pike cichlid videos


Crenicichla species list

Crenicichla acutirostris Günther, 1862
Crenicichla adspersa Heckel, 1840
Crenicichla albopunctata Pellegrin, 1904
Crenicichla alta C. H. Eigenmann, 1912 (Millet)
Crenicichla anthurus Cope, 1872
Crenicichla brasiliensis (Bloch, 1792)
Crenicichla britskii S. O. Kullander, 1982
Crenicichla cametana Steindachner, 1911
Crenicichla celidochilus Casciotta, 1987
Crenicichla chicha Varella, S. O. Kullander & F. C. T. Lima, 2012
Crenicichla cincta Regan, 1905
Crenicichla compressiceps Ploeg, 1986
Crenicichla coppenamensis Ploeg, 1987
Crenicichla cyanonotus Cope, 1870
Crenicichla cyclostoma Ploeg, 1986
Crenicichla empheres C. A. S. de Lucena, 2007
Crenicichla frenata T. N. Gill, 1858
Crenicichla gaucho C. A. S. de Lucena & S. O. Kullander, 1992
Crenicichla geayi Pellegrin, 1903 (Halfbanded Pike Cichlid)
Crenicichla gillmorlisi S. O. Kullander & C. A. S. de Lucena, 2013
Crenicichla hadrostigma C. A. S. de Lucena, 2007
Crenicichla haroldoi Luengo & Britski, 1974
Crenicichla heckeli Ploeg, 1989
Crenicichla hemera S. O. Kullander, 1990
Crenicichla hu Piáleck, Říčan, Casciotta & Almirón, 2010
Crenicichla hummelincki Ploeg, 1991
Crenicichla igara C. A. S. de Lucena & S. O. Kullander, 1992
Crenicichla iguapina S. O. Kullander & C. A. S. de Lucena, 2006
Crenicichla iguassuensis Haseman, 1911
Crenicichla inpa Ploeg, 1991
Crenicichla isbrueckeri Ploeg, 1991
Crenicichla jaguarensis Haseman, 1911
Crenicichla jegui Ploeg, 1986
Crenicichla johanna Heckel, 1840
Crenicichla jupiaensis Britski & Luengo, 1968
Crenicichla jurubi C. A. S. de Lucena & S. O. Kullander, 1992
Crenicichla labrina (Spix & Agassiz, 1831)
Crenicichla lacustris (Castelnau, 1855)
Crenicichla lenticulata Heckel, 1840
Crenicichla lepidota Heckel, 1840 (Pike cichlid)
Crenicichla lucius Cope, 1870
Crenicichla lugubris Heckel, 1840
Crenicichla macrophthalma Heckel, 1840
Crenicichla maculata S. O. Kullander & C. A. S. de Lucena, 2006
Crenicichla mandelburgeri S. O. Kullander, 2009
Crenicichla marmorata Pellegrin, 1904
Crenicichla menezesi Ploeg, 1991
Crenicichla minuano C. A. S. de Lucena & S. O. Kullander, 1992
Crenicichla missioneira C. A. S. de Lucena & S. O. Kullander, 1992
Crenicichla mucuryna R. Ihering (pt), 1914
Crenicichla multispinosa Pellegrin, 1903
Crenicichla nickeriensis Ploeg, 1987
Crenicichla niederleinii (Holmberg, 1891)
Crenicichla notophthalmus Regan, 1913
Crenicichla pellegrini Ploeg, 1991
Crenicichla percna S. O. Kullander, 1991
Crenicichla phaiospilus S. O. Kullander, 1991
Crenicichla prenda C. A. S. de Lucena & S. O. Kullander, 1992
Crenicichla proteus Cope, 1872
Crenicichla punctata R. F. Hensel, 1870
Crenicichla pydanielae Ploeg, 1991
Crenicichla regani Ploeg, 1989
Crenicichla reticulata (Heckel, 1840)
Crenicichla rosemariae S. O. Kullander, 1997
Crenicichla santosi Ploeg, 1991
Crenicichla saxatilis (Linnaeus, 1758) (Ringtail Pike Cichlid)
Crenicichla scottii (C. H. Eigenmann, 1907)
Crenicichla sedentaria S. O. Kullander, 1986
Crenicichla semicincta Steindachner, 1892
Crenicichla semifasciata (Heckel, 1840)
Crenicichla sipaliwini Ploeg, 1987
Crenicichla stocki Ploeg, 1991
Crenicichla strigata Günther, 1862
Crenicichla sveni Ploeg, 1991
Crenicichla tendybaguassu C. A. S. de Lucena & S. O. Kullander, 1992
Crenicichla ternetzi Norman, 1926
Crenicichla tesay Casciotta & Almirón, 2009
Crenicichla tigrina Ploeg, Jégu & E. J. G. Ferreira, 1991
Crenicichla tingui S. O. Kullander & C. A. S. de Lucena, 2006
Crenicichla urosema S. O. Kullander, 1990
Crenicichla vaillanti Pellegrin, 1903
Crenicichla virgatula Ploeg, 1991
Crenicichla vittata Heckel, 1840
Crenicichla wallacii Regan, 1905
Crenicichla yaha Casciotta, Almirón & Gómez, 2006
Crenicichla ypo Casciotta, Almirón, Piáleck, Gómez & Říčan, 2010
Crenicichla zebrina Montaña, López-Fernández & Taphorn, 2008

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