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Home > Platy Fish Types for Sale Online | Buy platies with FREE shipping

Platy Fish Types for Sale Online | Buy platies with FREE shipping

  platy fish for sale 

Popular Platy Fish Types for Sale Online

Platies are a fantastic livebearer tropical fish perfect for a community tank. These fish come in many colors or varieties such as panda platies, red wag platy, red Mickey Mouse platies, bumblebee platies, and blue coral platies. To keep platy fish happy its best to keep fewer males together. So one strategy is to keep one male with three or more females. Keeping a harem model works well because males will fight with each other. Platies are known to make good neighbors with mollies, swordtails and larger tetra fish like Red Serpaes. The life span of play fish can range up to five years and these tropical fish can reach some three inches in length. It would not be uncommon if they lived longer and possibly grew a little bit larger. Platies will eat aquarium prepared foods like flakes and freeze dried items like blood worms and shrimps. Platys are also available with variations in their finnage, so you can find both regular and hi fin platies for sale online.

Platies Livebearer - with FREE Shipping


Platy fish color variations for sale online

Blue Coral Platies Platy
Blue La Minzita Platy Variatus
Bumblebee Platies Platy
Dalmatian Molly
Golden platy
Panda Platies
Platy Mickey Mouse Platies
Red Platy
Red Wag Platy
Silver spotted platy
Spotted Blue Platys
Sunburst Mickey Mouse Platies
Sunburst Platy

Platy Fish giving birth Video - UP CLOSE- 14 births caught






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