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Home > Ziss Tumbler ZET-65 Review | On sale fish egg tumbler

Ziss Tumbler ZET-65 Review | On sale fish egg tumbler

  Buy ZET-65 by Ziss Aqua

On Sale ZET-65 fish egg tumbler by Ziss Aqua

The Ziss Egg Tumbler ZET-65 is the ultimate fish egg hatching system especially for African cichlids like Aulonocara Peacocks and Tropheus species. This fish egg tumbler offers an innovative design and is incredibly sophisticated and easy to use at the same time. A simple in-tank installation and hook up to an aquarium air pump, then and easy air flow adjustment dials in the perfect water flow to gently rock your eggs. Watch the videos below detailing 100 percent hatch rate for Aulonocara hueseri eggs using this egg tumbler.  

Review of benefits for the Ziss Egg Tumbler (ZET-65)

• Simple to set up and easy to use
• Self-standing legs keep unit upright on counter while harvesting eggs
• The ZET-65 provides consistent flow and gentle rocking that will yield the highest hatch rates you can imagine!
• Precise speed control
• Overall Dimension: 70mm x 220mm (bottom inner diameter : 65mm)
• Crystal clear body
• Highly preferred by Aulonocara and Tropheus breeders
ZET-65 Ziss Fish Egg Tumbler Incubator for fish & shirimp egg + Free Gifts

ZET-65 Ziss Fish Egg Tumbler Incubator for fish & shirimp egg + Free Gifts


Video Breeding Tropheus Eggs with ZET-65 Ziss Aqua Fish Egg Incubator Tumblers


Video Aulonocara Hueseri Eggs Hatching with ZET-65 Ziss Egg Tumbler


Video How to strip eggs and load a fish egg tumbler


Operational Guide for Ziss fish egg tumblers

• Ensure the unit is thoroughly rinsed before use
• Attach the support bracket with the suction cups to the inside of the tank
• Transfer the fish eggs into the incubator
• Seal the tumbler with the top section of the unit.
• Remove any trapped air within the chamber and the filter sponge
• Tumble the fish eggs, adjusting the airflow to achieve the desired movement using the adjustable air tap.





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