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Dovii Cichlid for Sale and Guapote Wolf Cichlids for Sale

The Dovii Cichlid also known as the King of the Guapote is a very large freshwater fish from Central America which belongs to a group of carnivorous cichlids comparable in certain respects to large and small mouthed basses of North America. Dovii are classified to the genus Parachromis because of their specialized protractile jaw that sets this apart from other cichlids. It can be said that they are gape and suck predators. Currently there are five species in the genus, C.dovii, C.friedrichsthalii, C.loisellei, C.managuensis, and C.motaguensis
Parachromis dovii require large tanks because their big fish. For them to reach their full potential and to afforded a proper tank consider buying the largest aquarium you can buy. At a minimum a 150 gallon tank should be considered. It is said they can reach nearly 30 inches. With large cichlids come large attitudes and territory requirements. Try to decorate the aquarium accordingly and provide ample grave as they love to dig and excellent mechanical filtration as they can produce a lot of waste being huge eaters.
Feeding and breeding P. dovii has been accomplished many times in the aquarium. Like most substratum spawning cichlids, the female will lay her eggs on a hard surface like a piece of slate and the male will fertilize the egg which hatch in three days and are free swimming five days later. Dovii can produce spawns up to thousand fry depending on the size of the female.
Breeding the Wolf Cichlid can be approached several ways, allowing the pair to naturally spawn; breeding them by way of a separated divider called the divider method or the hidey hole method. The last method is using the divider approach but creating holes in the divider that will allow the female to pass thru into the male’s chamber to spawn. Parachromis dovii are easily sexable by color because they are sexually dimorphic. Males are basically turquoise blue and females are mostly gold colored. This species makes a great pet and it is common to keep a male this way as they are very entertaining. Looking for a big cichlid with a big personality?

Dovii Cichlids for Sale

Parachromis Dovii

Parachromis Dovii "Wolf" Cichlid American Monster Guapote Live Tropical Fish
Dovii cichlid 5

Dovii cichlid 5" live tropical fish
Parachromis Dovii

Parachromis Dovii "Wolf" Cichlid American Monster Guapote Live Tropical Fish
Wolf Cichlid 1-2

Wolf Cichlid 1-2"
Parachromis Dovii

Parachromis Dovii "Wolf" Cichlid American Monster Guapote Live Tropical Fish
Colombian Wolf Fish  3

Colombian Wolf Fish 3" - FRESH WATER LIVE FISH


Breeding Pair of Dovii Cichlid Video


Wolf Cichlid/Parachromis Dovii Breeding Video


Large Pet Male Wolf Cichlid Video


List of common names for the Dovii Cichlid

Parachromis dovii
Cichlasoma dovii
Wolf Cichlid
Dow's Cichlid
Guapote cichlid
Herichthys dovii
Nandopis dovii
Heros dovii

Wolf Cichlids for Sale


Dovii - Parachromis "Wolf" Cichlid from Imperial Tropicals!!


Dovii and Wolf Cichlid Books

The Guide to Owning Central American Cichlids    The Guide to Owning Cichlids

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