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Just Cichlids is all About Cichlid Tropical Fish

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A fun and simple guide to all freshwater cichlids and tropical fish for the beginner
This sites purpose is to serve the tropical fish hobbyist because it is written by a hobbyist for hobbyists in simple common language. Please enjoy reading about the different types of cichlids, catfish, snails, platys, swordtails, shrimps, loaches, crayfish and rare and exotic freshwater species and marine fish which are found from all over the globe. These critters come in all sizes, colors and shapes!
Not to mention different personalities to boot. Yes cichlid fish have personalities, they are pets you know.
Female rainbow cichlid guarding her eggs.Please enjoy reading and looking at pictures of different varieties of cichlids. They are truly beautiful and unique. There is a species for everyone to choose.
If you enjoy the site consider sending us your photos of your favorite pet cichlids and feel free to share information or your experience breeding cichlid fish.
Did you know fish from the family cichlidae can be found in North America, South and Central America, Africa, Asia and even the Middle East?
Yes Iranocichla hormuzensis is a fresh water mouth breeding cichlid which is found in Iran and it’s the only species of its genus.

Beautiful Live Aquarium Plants

Black Devil Snail (Faunus ater) for sale Lava snails
In stock Faunus ater, Black Devil Snails for sale. These snails are quite similar to Giant Sulawesi but more active. They feature the long, whorled shells, but theirs tapers off into a sharper point and resembles a spike.... [Read More]
Java Moss (Vesicularia dubyana) a timeless aquarium plant
Java moss is the most popular and easy-to-grow live moss in the aquarium hobby. This moss is particularly ideal to keep with dwarf shrimp. If you breed fish, the fry also really appreciate the plant cover.... [Read More]
Amazon Sword Plant (Echinodorus grisebachii) a member of the Rosette plants
The Amazon Sword plant is very impressive and can grow up to 20 inches in height. Known for their extremely short stem axes and the way their leaves grow upward from the base of the plant.... [Read More]
Hornwort (Ceratophyllum demersum) Oxygenating floating plants
For sale Ceratophyllum demersum commonly called Hornwort. These are wonderful floating plants with no roots. Easy to grow and is fine with low-light. It grows by absorbing waste including ammonia and nitrates from the water, which means fewer pollutants causing smelly or cloudy water and happier... [Read More]
Willow Moss (Weeping Moss) Fontinalis antipyretica
Willow moss is undemanding and hardy aquarium plants. The perfect plant for protecting shrimp or guppy fry. Great for beginners and experts alike! It looks almost identical to Java Moss.... [Read More]
Baby Tears (Hemianthus micranthemoides) Pearl Grass Stem Plants
Baby Tears, also known as Pearl Grass or Pearl Weed (or by its scientific name - Hemianthus micranthemoides), is a charming stem plant that grows quickly into a dense bush.... [Read More]
Brazilian Pennywort (Hydrocotyle leucocephala) Vibrantly Colored Stem Plants
Brazilian Pennywort is a popular stem plant that grows quickly along runners and has very colorful green leaves. The leaves closely resemble lily pads in shape and color. Provides excellent waste removal from the water column.... [Read More]
Duckweed Live Pond Plant includes 250+ Pods Easy to grow
Duckweed, also known as water lens, is a fast-growing floating plant. The leaves (or fronds) are very small and vibrant light green in color. They grow in dense colonies and provide hiding places for small invertebrates and fish.... [Read More]
Indian Water Fern (Ceratopteris thalictroides) Water Sprite in stock
Water Sprite is totally safe with shrimp, fish, snails, etc. It is extremely low-maintenance and easy to grow, making it a great choice for beginner aquarium hobbyists.... [Read More]
Cabomba caroliniana the Green Cabomba Plant Carolina Fanwort
Green Cabomba, also known as Carolina Fanwort, is a large aquatic plant with tall branches. It is a wonderful plant for providing cover for fish, shrimp, and other aquatic inhabitants, plus it makes any aquarium or pond much more aesthetically pleasing. This plant is low-maintenance and can... [Read More]

Live Cichlids and other freshwater species for sale :


Apistogramma for sale

Blue Tilapia for sale
 Blue Tilapia

Convict Cichlids


Datnoids available

Live Discus for sale
 Blue Discus

Wolf cichlid in stock


Beautiful Electric Rams
 Electric Blue Rams

Flowerhorn Cichlids

Frontosa Cichlid Fish


Green Terror Cichlids
 Green Terrors

Green Texas Cichlids for sale
 Texas Cichlids

Buy Electric Jack Dempseys
 Blue Jack Dempsey


Jaguar cichlids for sale

Julidochromis available

Anglefish Koi
 Koi Angelfish


Oscar fish

Parrot cichlid fish

Strawberry peacock cichlids


Live Piranhas available

Red Jewel Fish
 Red Jewels

Festae cichlids
 Red Terrors


Severum cichlids

Duboisi African fish

Live Plecos available


Table of Contents

The top pleco foods for aquarium fish contain Spirulina algae or algae in general as significant base, as well as certain vitamins and minerals. The best Plecostomus foods consist of small pellets or wafers both of which are sinking and dissolve slowly. Learn about Plecostmus fish food from the top 13 brands on the market today.
A review of the Top 10 Brands of cichlid flakes and pellets for enhancing color in small to large cichlids.Supplementing their diet with color enhanced foods will keep cichlids looking great and in optimal health, learn how. 
The Best cichlid to breed for profit depends on the level of the hobbyist. Learn how and what types of cichlids to breed. Select mouth breeders to egg layers. This is measured in terms of experience and know-how of cichlid keeping. To be successful at this endeavor will require a strategy and level of planning to succeed, read more.
Find the top power filter choices for your cichlid tank. Use our helpful guide to select the right size filter by tank size and GPH. Cichlids are very messy eaters and produce a lot waste, keep your aquarium clean with a power filter designed for a cichlid aquarium.
Who makes the Best heater for cichlid tank? A heater that is nearly indestructible and turns off automatically out of water, learn more by reading this review on why Aqueon Pro Heaters are the choice of cichlid hobbyists.
The best cichlid tank algae eaters will depend on the size of your tank and the species of cichlid you are keeping. There are number of algae eaters per se that fit the bill but we will review these three species Otocinclus, Bristlenose catfish, and freshwater snails.
Most cichlid keepers start off with convict cichlid fish. These cichlids are a great breed to learn the routine of feeding, caring and raising convict cichlids.
There are few popular man-made cichlids and parrot cichlid fish are one of them. Parrot cichlids are being bred in different varieties. Some of the hybrid parrot cichlids are even tattooed to enhance their already bright colors.
Locate live cichlid auctions everyday. Find live African cichlid fish and great prices. Shop online for the cichlids you can't find and save time driving to pet stores hoping to find rare fish.
So you want to keep the big cichlid fish? Well jaguar cichlid can reach some 15 inches and their coloratin and pattern resemble the big cats known as jaguars. P. managuensis are big fish, with big appetites and require big space!
Aequidens rivulatus the green terror from Peru and Ecuador is one of the larger varieties of cichlids in the Aequidens genus. Did you know another cichlid from Ecuador called the Red terror, Cichlasoma festae is native to that country.

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