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Home > Jaguar cichlids are very popular South American Cichlids

Jaguar cichlids are very popular South American Cichlids

  Female jaguar cichlid fanning eggs
The Jaguar cichlid fish is known as Parachromis managuensis formerly and is native to Central America. These cichlids are beauty and it’s no wonder why their called jaguar’s because their coloration and pattern literally look like the big cats known as jaguars. Other nicknames for this cichlid fish include Jaguar Guapote.
These big guys can grow up to some 14 inches or more, so it’s fair to assume they require large tanks to keep them in. What these also means is that they eat a lot and produce a lot of waste so mechanical filtration and frequent water changes are a must to keep these monsters. Currently there are five species in the genus, C.managuensis, C.friedrichsthalii, C.loisellei, C.dovii, and C.motaguensis
Jaguar cichlid fish are very common in the hobby and are what is called staple cichlids offered for sale in pet stores. Like other substratum spawning cichlids P. managuensis fish lay there egg on a hard surface and the male fertilizes the eggs. They breed no different than let’s say convict cichlids or jack Dempsey fish; they just require larger tanks and the approximate roommates.
These cichlids are relatively easy to spawn and they can produce thousands of fry and the parents are highly protective of them. They will protect their spawn and confront the glass when approached. To be fair to this species considering buying a large tank and be prepared to do frequent water changes. Pairs form lasting bonds and are great parents.

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(1) Synodontis Jaguar Catfish 1.5 inch Malawi African Cichlid Catfish

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Jaguar Cichlid Video


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